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Stress, Bullying, and Self Care

  • Lowering stress can help both kids and adults focus, sleep better, feel happier and more confident, and improve their overall health.
  • Do not stress and worry alone. There are people and places who can help you feel better.

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Ways to lower stress include:

  • Take time to relax every day, even for 10 minutes. This can be time with friends or family, or by yourself. Take a walk, take deep breaths, or do something else you enjoy. Encourage your child to take time to relax too.
  • Give your child love and support. Remind your child that you believe in them and love them. Let them share their feelings, and offer support when things are hard. Praise your child for positive thinking! Be a role model and show your child how you work to lower your stress.
  • Find people, places, and resources that can help you and your child lower stress. For example, look for places to walk and be active (like a park, YMCA or community center) and places to get help with food or housing issues (like food pantries, WIC offices, farmers markets, and housing support programs).

My child is bullied. What can I do to help?


Take your child’s concerns seriously. Listen without blaming.


Help your child think of places where they feel safe and people to be with who they trust.


Remind your child that you love them and care about their safety. Bullying is never their fault.


Work with your child’s teachers and others at the school (like the nurse and the principal) to understand what is happening, why, and how to stop it.


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Help children feel better about themselves.

  • Who can you talk to when you feel sad? Who makes you feel good?
  • Where do you feel happy or calm? Where can you go and what can you do to feel better when you are sad?
  • What makes you feel good about yourself?
  • What do you feel proud of?
  • Make sure children have time to do the things that make them feel good and be with the people who make them feel good.

Watch videos on bullying

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Feeling good about yourself.

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